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Transform your Online Marketing in Kenya

Are you barely getting sales, inquiries or calls from your website?
We can help you do internet marketing that deliver results. E-marketing that grows your business.
We have transformed the way some Kenya businesses viewed digital marketing. From confusing & ineffective. To affordable, effective & profitable.
It’s all about getting you more sales, for less.
Every online advertising project is unique. And we have handled enough & diverse projects to make yours even more profitable.
It’s not only about getting you more customers. Keeping connected with your existing clients is important. And we do that too.
Here are some of the marketing channels we use:

Searching Engine Marketing:

Paid Marketing campaigns on searching engines – Google, Yahoo & Bing. Effective in getting people searching for your products/services to your website.
It gets only potential customers, in selected country. Prospects who have already taken the initiative of searching online for what you offer.
It’s both short-term & long-term way of growing your customer base. Google Adwords & Bing Ads are two main search engine marketing networks.

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do potential clients see your website on Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), when they are looking for what you offer?
Seo is about making your website appear high in search engines when people are looking for products you sell. Or services you provide. And most importantly, for your company.
Many factors a come into play here. How friendly the website is to search engines, web content quality, links (recommendations) from other websites and many more.
We can help optimize your website and get more visibility from search engines. And help you sell more.

Social Media Marketing

The power of social media sites in your customers’ lives is undeniable.
We can help your business utilize the popular social websites to acquire traffic, increase brand awareness & connect with your potential customers. Social media marketing revolves around creating content that captures the attention & motivate readers to share.
Major social sites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube among others. If you have a dormant Facebook page, we can create engaging content to revitalize it. And get more audience to like you.
Exploit the power of social media today. Make more people aware of your products. Interact with your clients. And drive more enquiries to your website

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What We Provide


Are you having problems getting traffic to your website? Does your website rank lower than your competitors’? Do you have a lot of content but no one seems to show up?
You need Search Engine Optimization. IT Experts Solutions is here for you. The advent of the search machines... Read More

Email Marketing

IT Experts Solutions Email Marketing service is meant for both SME and big businesses and enterprises online. We provide a web based email marketing solution that will improve your business. This includes an online newsletter system.
This makes email newsletter delivery and follow up easy and... Read More

Social Media

We use customized fan pages linked to websites so that through your website, you can connect to major social marketing blogs such as face book fan pages, follow us known functionality in tweeter, your tube means of sharing movie files, Linkedln, Netlog, Yahoo groups, Google groups among others We specialize in each of the Social Media Channels, Choose your Interest and we will do the rest... Read More


Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is also known as paid search, it is one medium of advertisement that allows your online presence to be easily be seen and felt in the search engine results pages.
The Pay-Per-Click adverts are displayed across the top and down the right hand side of the search results pages for selected keywords ... Read More

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